We are excited to work with our community for a brighter tomorrow. We are proud to have collaborated with the fine folks listed below and to have worked with local committees such as the Thunder Bay Military Family Resource Centre and the Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre for events like National Volunteer Week.

If you or your organization would like to collaborate with us, call or email today! Please provide one month to co-create your blend so we can achieve a balanced blend with you. Orders with custom labels require 6-8 weeks for design and production with a set up fee of $25 (subject to change based on design). 

Wake The Giant

We have co-created a delightful blend to support Wake The Giant's effort to fundraise for Dennis Franklin Cromarty Student Living Centre. 


A small local business celebrating over 5 years in Thunder Bay, our friends at Afloat approached us to collaborate in 2019. The result was 3 delicious, unique blends that they retail. 

Divine Blends

There are 9 teas in the Divine Blends set. These teas were inspirationally co-created for their 9 week meditation class. They became so popular that they have decided to share them and make them available to everyone.

Gratitude Gems

We were delighted to be approached by local gemstone specialist Katherine Keeping. She is regarded as being a knowledgeable force in the field of natural healing with crystals. The Gratitude Gem Tea Blends are created to embody the properties of the crystal contained within each bag of tea. 

The Bodymind Centre

Our first community collaboration was with The Bodymind Centre in 2011. Their signature line of teas are available for retail exclusively in their boutique (free samples available while you shop). Their signature teas are also available as kombucha, which are served on tap. 

Kal Merkley

Known for his brilliant work in mixology, we were eager to collaborate with the owner of Babylon Quick Fix when creating our Cosmopolitan Tea Party Kit. He created all of the unique, delightful blends in the Cosmopolitan Recipe Book. 

Silver Islet General Store

After renovations and updates, Silver Islet General reached out to co-create some exciting new blends to feature in their tea room. 

Sleeping Giant Biscotti

In 2020 we added Sleeping Giant Biscotti to our shelves. We carry a varied selection and are in the works of developing a custom IHOT flavour.