Tea & Sympathy Gift Box C


Tea is very soothing and is a perfect balm for a grieving heart.  This gift box includes a lovely assortment of black, green, and herbal teas.  Each package will brew 14 to 16 cups of tea.  Free shipping in Canada & U.S.

50g of each of the following:

English Breakfast ~ tea of reflection

Banana Ceylon ~ sweet memories

Apple Cinnamon Rooibos ~ cup of comfort

Primordial Chai Herbal ~ peace of mind

White Tip Jasmine ~ tea of serenity

Blueberry Ceylon ~ tea of guardian angels

Blue Buddha ~ healing elixir

Life Elixir 532 ~ to lift the spirit

Also includes a Stainless Steel Tea Filter Basket, 6 French Vanilla Biscotti (locally made Sleeping Giant Biscotti), 100 g of German Rock Sugar, a tea measuring spoon, and a brewing instruction magnet.

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