Teapot Cozies

Made with two layers of cotton fabric with one layer of polyester batting in between (all new materials).
There is an elastic in the bottom casing and the teapot should sit level on the table, inside the opening so that it is not tippy. 
The cozies are designed to fit standard 4 to 6 cup (small) and 6 to 8 cup (large) teapots with the typical English Brown Betty shape. Therefore, once the cozy is gathered with the ribbon, the lid of the teapot should be held In place by the cozy.  This allows pouring without having to hold on to the lid with your free hand, in case you are holding a book, or cookie.
Mashine washing is recommended in a mesh bag. Air dry or low heat in the dryer. 
The grosgrain ribbon washes up nicely, the satin ones are usually removed and pulled back through the casing with a large safety pin after laundering.